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Terms & Conditions



1- Membership's Registration:

You need to apply and become a member of Philippinesfood Home Delivery System ( in order to be able to make purchases. The registration is free of charge.

Your subscription status will automatically be removed after six months if you do not perform any purchase during this period.
2- Using the System:
You will be able to start using the system immediately after completing registration.
3- Price of Goods:
Goods prices indicated are already included the excise tax (5%).  The delivery fee & collect delivery charge are charges to be paid separately by the member accordingly.
4- Payment and Delivery of Goods:
COLLECT SERVICE (Payment of the total sum upon delivery). Payment must be in cash.  Upon arrival, please pay the total amount of the merchandise and delivery charge directly to the delivery staff.
Orders confirmed until 12:00 will be shipped the same day, otherwise they will be sent the next day, except the orders placed after 12:00 on Sunday and Monday will be shipped on Tuesday.
In case of any delay in delivery of goods, for reasons we can not control, such as road traffic accidents, etc.., not assume any liability.
To view the table of shipping rates for commodities click here.
5- Application for Returning Goods - Refund And / Or Return of Goods:
All refund requests will be accepted and / or return of goods if it is requested until 24 hours of receipt of goods. After this period we will not accept complaints. Perishable goods such as meat and ice cream will not be refunded except in case of damage during shipping. Please contact us for more details about return and refund.
If the member cancel or refuse delivery of the goods after the order has been processed, the member will be required to pay all shipping charges, both as way back, plus maintenance costs and other fees necessary and involved in process.
Always check your goods upon receipt.
6- Damaged Merchandises During Delivery:
There are some occasions when some merchandises are damaged during delivery. Please always check your merchandises upon arrival. If you find any damaged merchandises, please inform the delivery staff directly. Upon confirmation, the delivery staff will sign as proof confirming the fact of damages done to the merchandises. Please contact us after this procedure. If the delivery staff is not present at the time you discovered the damaged merchandise, please call the delivery company right away to get their confirmation and signature.
Please be careful not to forget their confirmation and signature because you may not be able to reimburse for the damaged goods.
7- Mutually Agreed Court of Justice:
Disagreement or any violation of the terms agreed between the parties, the court shall be elected justice of the district of Shiga-ken.
8- Company Data:
Address: Shiga-ken, Echi-gun, Aisho-cho, Echigawa 458 - Postal Code: 529-1331
Tel.: 0749-46-3008 - Closed all Mondays
Responsible: Elio Shinohara